Renee P. Leverette (A Tribute To My Beloved wife)
By Jeff C. Leverette 16 Aug 2020
Final Revision 29 Dec 2020

  Renee was born on Wednesday, May 30, 1956 at 12:42 A.M., first of five siblings, to parents Ray and Norma  Payne.

  I first met Renee when she was just fourteen and I was fifteen, she was sitting on the front stoop of a  neighborhood friend's house. I was riding my motorcycle through her neighborhood and saw the two beautiful girls  sitting there, and of course, I did the only thing a young male of fifteen would've done, turned around and started  showing off my motorcycle skills. After showing-off for a few minutes, I stopped in front of the house and started  talking to Renee. We exchanged phone numbers with each other and she showed me which house she lived in. Oh,  did I mention, how drop-dead gorgeous she was? I couldn't believe this beautiful girl was showing any interest in  me at all but thank God she did. I realized I was the luckiest guy in the World. We started talking on the phone and  spending time together at her house, after I turned sixteen and got my drivers license, we started dating, and in a  short period of time we became inseparable. Do you believe in love at first site? It happened to me! One funny  thing Renee told me later was, her mother saw her standing at the curb talking to me that first day and asked her  when she got home "who was that man you were talking to" and Renee replied "he wasn't a man, he was a fifteen  year old boy". I never asked but I assumed my peach-fuss mustache might of been the reason her mother thought  I was older than I really was. Not certain though, just speculation on my part.

  I proposed to Renee her senior year of highschool and she excepted. After she graduated highschool, we got married on June  12 1974.

 Not only was she a beautiful, smart and articulate woman, Renee was a fantastic wife and mother as well. She  became pregnant with our first child in early 1976, and our first son Jason was born Dec 1976. We went on and  had a total of five children, with Jason being the oldest, our only daughter Monique was born Nov 1980, our son Wesley was born July 1983, our son Christopher was born April 1985 and our son Nicholas was born December 1991. To her, children and grandchildren were the most important in her life. She was also an advocate for stray animals, at one point we must of had about a dozen animals, mostly dogs. It cost me a small fortune to feed them, and oh my gosh, let's not forget about vet bills but that was Renee's passion so, who was I to complain? She had an extremely large and caring heart for all of God's creatures.

 Renee was "my rock", I leaned on Renee for everything. She took care of all of us, and never ever complained, not once. She would take me to work regardless of how early I had to be there and most times was well before the sun would come up. Go back home and get the kids up, get them ready for school, and then would drive them to school. In the afternoons, she would pick the kids up from school, come pick me up from work regardless of how late, and all the while doing housework, washing/drying the clothes, doing all the cooking and in between doing all those chores (as if that wasn't enough), did all the in between gophering, such as grocery shopping, dentist/doctor visits, etc, etc.. One might say, Renee wasn't unique, most all women do those things, but to me personally, Renee wasn't just unique, she was very special and the love of my life. I am proud to call her my wife and life-long companion.

 Once I started having my health issues and spending an awful lot of time in the hospital, my beautiful wife, Renee, "my rock", was by my side continuously. She was always asking the doctors questions concerning their procedures and if she thought they weren't right, she wouldn't hold back, she'd let them hear it. She said to the doctors and nurses many times "no you are not doing that to him". She truly had my back. My only regret was once Renee's health started failing I couldn't be there for her because of the Chinese virus, and everything was locked down and the hospitals in our area were not allowing any visitors. I truly believe in my heart, if I and her children could have visited her in the hospital on a regular basis, there would have been a different outcome for her. The hospital allowed Jason and myself to visit Renee on her final day in the ICU, to give them permission to turn off the machines needed in sustaining her life. I was sitting beside her bed holding her right hand when she took her last breath all the while sobbing uncontrollably. Up until that very day I thought Renee would be coming home to me. Absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

 We were married for 46 wonderful years and she enriched my life beyond belief, in ways I could have never imagined. You know there is all kinds of wealth, but being with the one true love of your life, the one person God intended you to be with, means I was the wealthiest man on Earth. We celebrated our 46 anniversary on June 12 2020. Unfortunately, the love of my life passed away July 15 2020, just one month after celebrating our anniversary, she was 64 years young. Honey, I will cherish the memories of our life together for the rest of my life.

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