Leverette Family History

We are the Leverette's from Georgia, USA with our heritage deeply rooted in the southeastern part of the Country mainly southern Georgia and northern Florida. Our name Leverette had the terminal[e] added sometime during my father's generation. There is some controversy surrounding whether it was my father or one of his siblings who started adding the [e] during their school years, of course it depends on which family member you ask. Regardless, our entire family adopted the name change and we've been known as the Leverette's ever since except for my grandfather Henry Calvin Leverett who refused to except the name change.

Our name Leverett is a very old name dating from before 1066. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles list an Earl of Leferyet in 1066 which has been translated as Leverett. The Domesdey Book list several Levretts and these would be the French spelling the name Leverett as they thought it should be spelled. In any event, from then until now, Leveretts have flourished though the name is only the 5260 on the list of the most popular names in the United States. From this name many derivatives have sprung, such as Laverett, Lawrett, Leverette, Levrett, Levverrett, Levierett, Liverett, Liverette, Louverett, and Loverett with the most common of these being Leverette, 12,000 plus on the list of the most popular names. Leveretts can be found all over the globe with the United States, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany having the most populations of the name. There have been mountains, glaciers, mosses, towns, roads, streets, subdivisions, physic’s formula and ships named for Leveretts, not to mention college buildings and churches. Here in Georgia there have been three towns, at least five roads/streets with the name of Leverett and I am sure there will be many more.

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